What is Evergreen content? And why is it so important?

What is Evergreen content? And why is it so important?

Evergreen content is content that is not time sensitive and stays relevant for a long time. This content drives engagement long after publication date due to the content being relevant at all times. Often, this means that Evergreen content is educational or informative in their nature and not breaking news focused.

What is Evergreen content?

Evergreen content is SEO-focused content that continuously stays ‘fresh’ for readers over a long period of time – hence the name ‘evergreen’. There is a common misconception that all online content is evergreen … that every online post is there to be seen until the end of time. But this isn’t true. If your content isn’t evergreen, it will fall down in the SEO rankings and may never be stumbled upon again. This style of content stays relevant long past its publication date and, in some cases, can even see increased traffic over time.

What isn’t Evergreen content?

Content that is time-sensitive and not valuable after the story has changed is not considered evergreen. This includes content such as news articles, monthly/quarterly reports, trending articles and season-focused content. For content to be truly evergreen, the content has to retain its value long term. For example, ‘Joe Biden is elected US President’ is not evergreen, but ‘Top 10 Democratic Presidents’ is evergreen as it isn’t a news story and can be read long after Biden has stepped out of office.

Content Examples

You’ve probably seen this type of content and ingested it without realising. Listicles, Tips, How-to’s, Product Reviews and Video content are evergreen content. Listicles are infinitely readable and shareable. How-to’s are informative and educational material that is always being sought out. Product Reviews are also informative and will be actively searched for. Furthermore, instructional videos lend themselves to discovery and traffic generation over time.

How to make Evergreen content?

The aforementioned content examples aren’t the only ways to generate evergreen content. You can do regular FAQ blog posts, as a brand or an individual. These types of posts are always revisited and found by users who are looking for the same answers. FAQs are yet another example of educational evergreen content.

Why use Evergreen content?

Evergreen content drives prospects to your sales funnel, continually drives traffic to your site, improves your SEO rankings, positions you as an industry leader and lets you connect with your audience with FAQs. This content must remain valuable to your particular audience otherwise it won’t matter how ‘fresh’ it is.

Tips and Tricks 

For content to remain evergreen, you have to choose the right keywords so they continually rank highly in searches. You must optimise for SEO. This means using alt text for images and curating the URL, as well populating your text with hyperlinks and carefully selected keywords. Keep your copy understandable and at Lehmann level. Avoid overly technical language. Remember how easy it is for users to hit the back button and go to another search result. Don’t give them a reason to leave! Remember to rerun and repost evergreen content to social media. Just because it’s evergreen doesn’t mean you can stop advertising it.

Remember to update!

Because this type of content is meant to be relevant forever, it would be helpful to keep any eye on your text copy just in case you need to update it. The aim of evergreen content is to position yourself as an informed authority in your industry. If the content is not regularly updated, you risk spreading incorrect information and damaging trust levels with your audience. Update the content to refresh the SEO rankings and keep your content truthful.

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