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7 Easy Steps to LinkedIn Marketing Success

7 Easy Steps to LinkedIn Marketing Success

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for companies to advertise their brands and campaigns. It is a simple social network that connects professionals, more so than any other network, and projects a brand’s vision clearly. LinkedIn naturally has a business-focused spin on it and, because you have connected with other like-minded individuals, you are always targeting the intended audience.

But where do you start? Here’s 7 easy steps any fledgling marketer can take towards success.

7 Easy Steps to LinkedIn Success


Like every social network, LinkedIn’s algorithm favours users that are active and constant on the platform. Research has shown that at least TEN interactions a day, will allow your page to be discovered. These interactions must be evenly spread across comments, likes, shares, direct messages and general posts.

Optimise Profiles

Make sure that your profile is fully complete by the parameters of LinkedIn. Make sure you use the right keywords so your intended audience will find you. To find these keywords, do a quick search of your industry/product and see what posts are performing well and which are garnering the most engagement. This will then help to inform your content strategy.


LinkedIn is all about connections and relationships. To begin with, grow your connections to over 500, before switching to a ‘Follow’ page. When connecting, try to find and interact with ten people every day and grow your community organically. Once it is time to switch to a ‘Follow’ page, remember your early adopters but don’t ignore your new audience members.

Social Calendar

Any marketer will tell you that calendars and schedules are vital to the success of any campaign/strategy. LinkedIn rewards accounts that habitually post on the platform. LinkedIn recommends posting between 1-3 times a week to be considered active. This doesn’t necessarily mean 1-3 unique posts every week. These can take the form of sharing content, news stories or a connection’s update with a spin on it. This is all about staying active, relevant and in the zeitgeist.

Stay Personal

Earlier, we mentioned not forgetting your early adopters but also valuing your new audience. There are many ways that LinkedIn supports a content creator’s ability to stay personal. The ability to send voice messages through the application arms creators with the tool of relatability. Tone and message is hard but not impossible to get across with a copy … but with information coming directly from the horse’s mouth, consumers are more likely to get the sell instantly.

Call To Action (CTAs)

CTAs are the foundation of any social networking campaign. Social media users are naturally passive consumers. They are lean back online browsers that only become active when actioned to do so. Don’t just expect people to comment, like and share – tell them! Use all the tools in your arsenal to draw a response from users; use polls, ask questions, start a debate etc. This aids in building your community but also tells consumers that you aren’t just a faceless billboard.


Remember that when you share anything on LinkedIn from another account, you are only sharing to your followers and anyone that can discover you through search. Most people just share other posts with a little comment, hoping this will make them more discoverable. They always forget to mention the original account in their share copy. This is vital as it positions you in the results of their searches and opens up the possibility of collaborations and even better networking. 


Digital marketing, at its core, is about innovation and clever little solutions. You will find little tricks and tactics yourself as you venture from social network to social network, but it is always important to practice these legitimate ways of growing your audience on LinkedIn. If nothing, these tips provide a solid foundation to rocket off from. 

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